Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Winter Wedding Cakes

Susan Hodges, our Pastry Chef has been a little busy with some fun new 'Winter' designs:

This wedding cake is decorated with sugar snow flakes and beautiful red satin ribbon!

This is a chocolate wedding cake decorated with white poinsettias and white satin ribbon!

This wedding cake is covered with sparkling sugar, resembling sparkling snow!

Sweet little Christmas themed anniversary cake!

Here's another wedding cake decorated with the Sugar Snowflakes!

Let it Snow!
(but no ice please...)


  1. When i saw the first cake, i wanted to laugh while asking my self.Why it was nnede to be like that?! lol..;D Now i know base on the tittle, "Wedding Cakes" haha.. Thanks for sharing.Have a great weekend

  2. Here wedding cakes are variety of design and then vareity of flavor its like decorated with sugar ,sugar snow flakes,and then chocolate also ....