Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Trumps' NEW Cheese Board Presentations

So, today at Trumps Catering, we're working on some new cheese boards.  One is a savory cheese board with artisan sausages, herb roasted almonds, mixed Greek olives and I'm thinking about adding a small gherkin pickle.  

The other board is a soft cheese board and would include Brie, Camembert cheese, a mild soft Blue Cheese and we're still working on the 4th cheese, probably a goat cheese of some kind.  The soft cheese board would be served with a fruit paste or maybe honey comb, dried fruit and also the roasted nuts.

Here are some photos of a recent savory board we did. 
The centerpiece is a waxed round of Manchego Cheese, which was mostly for looks but if someone had taken a knife to it, it would have been OK.  We also served a Blue Cheese, a soft Boursin, Brie with Pepper Jelly, Smoked Gouda, Herbed Havarti and Baby Swiss.  The sausage we served on this presentation was a garlic and baby fennel. 

Instead of crackers, we're serving the boards with flat breads and thin wafers

So far, they are a hit!


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