Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Starting Back Up

So, this morning I decided to give myself 5 minutes every morning and get my blog going again.  It's hard to decide which social media project you are going to try to keep up with.  It's getting to be like crazy city traffic and what route will get you where you want to go most efficiently.  

I'm so excited and pleased with our progress on Wedding Wire.  Wedding Wire is where we decided to showcase our reviews.  And wow, do they help our business with weddings not to mention that when it gets a little harried around here, I can go to Wedding Wire to read our review and get my ego back in line.

Catering is a tough business.  We gear up all week for the weekend events and have our many strategy sessions and methods of communicating, packing vans, cooking large quantities of food, accounting for tables, chairs, linens, and supplies.   Then we divide and conquer and by Sunday night, everyone is happily exhausted and we get up on Monday morning and do it again!

In between some of the madness, we get these beautiful reviews on Wedding Wire that we all cherish and basque in and appreciate everyone who takes the time to give us feedback.

Here's a Link:  Trumps Feedback on Wedding Wire

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